Titanium Ring Knee Dragger 2, tread ring, Titanium, 8mm wide, Satin finish

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Titanium Ring Knee Dragger 2, tread ring,  Titanium, 8mm wide, Satin finish

live life on the edge!

Here is the perfect ring for the motorcycle enthusiast! Showcase your commitment to both of the loves of your life. 100% Titanium band featured in the "Indestructible Satin" finish. Grit, grime, oil and Gas. Bring it on! The more you wear it, the tougher it looks. This a ring that can truly last a lifetime. Since every ring is hand made, every one is unique. These rings are truly Heirloom Quality, and can last for generations.

Titanium is completely hypoallergenic. That means that No one, no matter how sensitive there skin, can be allergic to Titanium. All my rings come with a fully domed comfort fit that not only makes them more comfortable to wear, but easier to get on and off as well. Between the comfort fit, the low profile, and the ultra-light weight, Venture Custom Shop rings are the most comfortable rings I have ever worn. For safety purpose I always recommend removing your ring for manual labor, but all my rings are made from materials that can be cut off in an emergency.


Sizing is very important when it comes to Titanium and other advanced material rings.
They cannot be re sized using conventional methods, so picking the correct size is essential.
Any jewelry store, jewelry department, or kiosk can help you with sizing.
Make sure to get sized in a comfort fit, and the same width of band.
The general rule is “The wider the ring, the snugger the fit”. 


I make all my rings myself, on machinery that I designed and built expressly for this purpose. Quality is very important to me, and I won't ship anything that I wouldn't buy or wear. If for some reason you aren't satisfied with your ring, let me know. I’ll fix it, replace it, or give you a full refund.

If this style is not exactly what you were looking for, take a moment to look at my other items. If you have something else in mind, send me a message and I might be able to do something custom for you.

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