Light Cycle 2.0 Glow-Core, 8 mm wide, Carbon Fiber Ring

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Light Cycle 2.0 Glow-Core, 8mm wide Carbon Fiber Ring (VCS-200)


The "Light Cycle" ring started as a custom ring for a customer. She wanted a ring that payed tribute to the movie Tron. It turned out so well that I wanted to share it with the rest of the world.


It features two colored bands that stand out in The Light, and glow in the dark. The colored bands go deep into the ring, so unlike most other rings, it will never wear off. As a more subtle tribute to the movie, I added a "square wave". It is essentially the digital interpretation of an analog signal. Basically, how computers see the world, which is the basis of the "Tron" universe. Alright, enough Nerding out!

★ Beautiful satin black
★ Width available: 8 mm
★ Material: 100% carbon fiber
★ Light weight: .4 grams 
★ The color is all the way through the ring, and can never wear off or fade.
★ Rings are handmade by combining Carbon fibers and aerospace grade resin.
★ Rings come with a fully domed comfort fit. 

Sizing very important when it comes to carbon and other advanced material rings.
They cannot be re sized using conventional methods, so picking the correct size is essential.
Any jewelry store, jewelry department, or kiosk can help you with sizing.
Make sure to get sized in a comfort fit, and the same width of band.
The general rule is “The wider the ring, the snugger the fit”. 

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