Knee Dragger 2, Ti-Core Carbon Fiber Tread Ring

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Knee Dragger 2, Ti-Core Carbon Fiber Tread Ring


Get low!


Today's motorcycles are some of the most outrageous machines ever made. This ring was inspired by the tires that keep these beasts on the road. 100% carbon fiber band permanently bonded to a polished Titanium core. Beautiful satin black with no shiny coating to wear off. Grit, grime, oil and Gas. Bring it on! The color is all the way through the ring, and can never wear off or fade. The more you wear it, the tougher it looks. This a ring that can truly last a lifetime.


Carbon Fiber is incredibly strong, It’s actually the strongest fiber known to man. My rings are handmade by combining Carbon fibers and aerospace grade resin, then precision machined to exact specifications. The Carbon Fiber is then bonded onto the Titanium core. Titanium has a very high strength to weight ratio as well. Roughly the weight of aluminum, but stronger that some steel. Titanium is completely hypoallergenic. That's right you can not be allergic to Titanium, that's why they use it in medical implants. The result is an incredibly lightweight ring that can literally hold Millions of times its weight. As a bonus Carbon Fibers reflect and refract the light to give it that distinct shimmer.


★ Beautiful satin black on polished Titanium
★ Width available: 8mm
★ Material: Carbon Fiber and Titanium
★ Titanium is completely hypoallergenic
★ Rings are handmade by bonding aerospace grade Carbon Fiber and Titanium
★ Rings come with a fully domed comfort fit.
★ Sizing: 

very important when it comes to carbon and other advanced material rings.
They cannot be re sized using conventional methods, so picking the correct size is essential.
Any jewelry store, jewelry department, or kiosk can help you with sizing.
Make sure to get sized in a comfort fit, and the same width of band.
The general rule is “The wider the ring, the snugger the fit”. 

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